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We have made it our goal to create a name for ourselves that is synonymous with
Quality, Safety, Customer Care, and Innovation!



HPA is a diversified and integrated service provider with an unparalleled

reputation for handling all types of reactors in the oil, gas and petrochemical

industry throughout not only in Asia Pacific but also in South America, Europe,

Middle East and Africa. Our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions

and the candid ability to develop strong relationships with all local and

government bodies ensures your best interests are maintained at all times.

Our experienced supervisors and specialists undergo rigorous and on-going

training to keep updated on specialized knowledge.

Working closely as a team, our dedicated professionals have achieved industry-leading

turnaround times while maintaining an excellent Safety Record.

The result is improved bottom-line results for our clients.

We do offer our Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services for On- and Offshore projects

and we would like to invite you to convince yourselves about our equipment and our service,

just contact us with your inquiry.

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Your one-stop-shop
for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds.
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