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We have made it our goal to create a name for ourselves that is synonymous with
Quality, Safety, Customer Care, and Innovation!

HPA is a diversified and integrated service provider with an unparalleled reputation for handling all types of reactors in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry throughout not only in Asia Pacific but also in South  America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions and the candid ability to develop strong relationships with all local and government bodies ensures your best interests are  maintained at all times.

We looking forward to introduce our following services:


Utilizing our extensive experience in project management, we can plan your turnaround from shutdown to startup. With our experienced planners at HPA, we are able to schedule resources and plan detailed tasks for on-time delivery every time.

Planning includes:

- Consulting prior to, during and upon startup                                                          - Mechanical work: Including known repairs as well as necessary after

- Review and analyse the scope and budget                                                                 inspections

- Organize material including inspection of the catalyst                                           - QA/QC Inspections

- Inspection of reactor/vessel internal parts                                                               - Catalyst Handling: Unloading, Dense Loading and/or Sock Loading

- Torquing and bold tensioning: Opening and closing the reactor                          - Video inspection & confined space activity monitoring


Let HPA manage all the tasks and resources required

during your turnaround.

We can ensure safety, quality, efficiency,

on time and within budget. Blind to Blind includes:

- Blinding and opening the reactor/vessel

- Unloading of the catalyst

- Video Inspection & QA/QC Inspection

- Reactor/vessel repairs & retrofits

- Loading of the reactor/vessel: Dense and/or Sock Loading

- De-Blinding including torquing and bold tensioning


With industry leading experience and expertise HPA has built its reputation by utilizing the safest methods for unloading vessels based on their design, type and location. We service a variety of reactor/vessel types utilizing a combination of methods depending on the reactor/vessels`specs.

HPA utilizes avariety of proven methods including wet dumping and dry vacuuming as well as fresh air and inert atmospheres. We are equipped to handle every method available on the market. Our wet dumping techniques, with consideration not only to the safety of personnel involved but also to the environment, is by far the quickest in the industry.


The vibration screeners we use have low attrition and good cut points giving a clean reusable material that requires no additional handling afterwards. We can screen into any approved catalyst container from drums, 1-ton big bags and 2 square meters catalyst bins. Our screening units are easily adjusted to give the optimum-screening rate for the required cut point.


With conventional sock loading techniques and experienced personnel, a uniform loaded bed can be achieved where the higher densities and startup ΔP of the superior method of dense loading is not practical. Good sock loading techniques can minimize problems that are normally associated with sock loading.


Dense Loading is by far the best method available in the industry, and with this particular method, the unit can handle the higher startup ΔP. The advantages of the dense loading is well known and well documented.

HYDROPAC technology is a HPA designed, owned and operated dense loading system that incorporates all of the required features for a uniform load with none of the disadvantages with many of its competitors.

UNIPAC / UNIPAC 2.0 loading technology is the most advanced method offering uniform and homogeneous catalyst loading for reformer tubes.

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Your one-stop-shop
for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds.
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