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The objective of dense loading is to achieve the maximum loading amount possible of catalyst into a fixed given volume of a vessel. This can only be achieved when there is the least possible number of void fractions placed into that given space. This will ensure uniform and homogenous flow. The dense loaded density of a catalyst can be reasonably predicted to within 3% of the optimum value by conducting an accurate laboratory test. 
HPA have a focused division on using our proprietary HYDROPAC® Catalyst Dense Loading System by bringing a much-required alternative to the Oil & Petrochemical Industry. Our DL specialists undergo rigorous and continuous training to get the perfect load. The Hydropac have proven to be a world leader in the dense loading requirements and success for much of our clients.

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for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds.



HPA`s unique and registered designed, the HYDROPAC, utilizes a compound disk which is responsible for the fast and even loading profile. The design allows the loader to operate just beneath the trays and to load tp maximum height. The HYDROPAC`s RPM can easily be adjusted, while loading, to allow the catalyst to load just inside the wall. It has an adjustable center gap, which ensures that the proper profile also extends tio the center of the bed.

The HYDROPAC`S rotation is reversible for loading around transfer tubes and other internal obstructions that may be present eliminating the shadow effect. This function is imperative to avoid maldistribution of the top of the bed. HPA`s HYDROPAC in the only loader that provides all the benefits to ensure a perfect load.


  • Tighter and more uniform catalyst packing, resulting in better reactant flow distribution in the trickle flow regime as used in Hydro-processing.

  • Catalyst beds do not sag/change flow patterns during the course of a run.

  • More catalyst is loaded into each bed because of the higher loading density, resulting in longer runs.

  • Direction of rotation is reversible, which is important for loading around Transfer Tubes to avoid shadowing.

  • Can load the catalyst bed higher due to its unique design, positioned 6” below the Distributor Tray.

  • The unique design allows the bed profile to be viewed continuously from the trays manway (no whips obstructing the drop-lights when lowered to inspect the bed profile during loading).

  • Has no centre shaft obstruction to the centre of the bed when loading, critical to achieve maximum uniformity of the catalyst particles, to lay horizontal across the entire bed as the catalyst is loaded.


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