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UNIPAC is a simple and fast loading technology for loading reformer tubes with catalyst applicable to tube size from 3 to 10`` internal diameter. UNIPAC requires no pre-sacking of catalyst and no vibration of the reformer tubes. UNIPAC combines being a high quality and fast loading technology. Reloading of tubes is normally avoided and less Catalyst is wasted.

UNIPAC principle: Catalyst is loaded into the tube and the loading rope is gradually pulled out of the tube as the catalyst layel builds up. The brushes with flexible Springs reduce the speed of the catalyst particles so that breakage is avoided. The catalyst particles are loaded without bridges and unnecessary voids, hence there is no need for vibration.

By applying the UNIPAC technology the loading time of the primary reformer can be substantially reduced whilst maintaining high quality loading. 


  • Fast reformer loading
  • No presocking of catalyst
  • No vibration of the tubes Uniform pressure drop Less waste of catalyst
  • No bridging or extra voilds:

- Minimises hot spots

- Reduces catalyst settling

  • High uniform density:

- Lower tube wall temp

- Prolonged tube life

- Increase reforming capacity

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for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds.



With the use of high quality self leveling video equipment the need to have your inspections entering the vessel is reduced. All videos are recorded with a date and time and pertinent information can be superimposed on the video with a text writer.

HPA provides an accurate and reliable equipment for reputable accuracy of pressure drop measurement. The dP equipment comes complete with a variety of inflatable bladder to cater the clients reformer tube internal diameter size correctly, restriction orifice to achieve critical air-flow during dP measurement test. 


The HPA DP Equipment is very userfriendly with its light weight design and digital reading up to three (3) decimal points. This increases the accuracy of the measurement and reduces the time consumed without compromising the quality is the data obtained.

Benefits of HPA dp equipment:

benefits dp eq.png
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